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With the new E-Cat device invented by Andrea Rossi, and Sergio Focardi set to come out the market soon, it is no wonder that more and more people are becoming cuious about opportunities for investing in cold fusion energy. The simple fact is, despite proven tests that the E-cat has gone under, there are still many scientists that are skeptical of its ability to perform. The E-cat is designed to help facilitate nickel hydrogen fusion in one chamber, and then store the energy caused during the reaction in a separate chamber to be dispersed in the form of electricity in a domestic environment. This is a process that is being referred to as LENR rather than cold fusion, in an effort to distance Rossi and his colleagues for the many times failed cold fusion experiments of over 20 years ago.

Though the
E-Cat has been successful every time it has been showcased in doing as it was advertised, producing copper and energy from a reaction between nickel and hydrogen, Rossi and other scientists have been unable to prove what type of reaction is occurring. The main debate is whether the reaction is chemical or nuclear. Many scientists have studied the apparatus and none can seem to determine exactly what kind of reaction is occurring. A Swedish scientific organization has agreed that the reaction is not chemical; however, no other final decisions have been made as to whether the reaction is in fact nuclear.

Despite the ongoing barrage of questions and criticisms directed at his device. Rossi has decided to go ahead with the production, and has recently been in discussions with Ampenergo and Defkalion green technologies, two companies that agreed to help him produce and market his device. Rossi says that there are around 97 operational E-cats in homes internationally, which could mean that if they test well and do as they are predicted to perform in these houses, soon they could become a common household item. At least this seems to be the common prediction from proponents of the device across the scientific spectrum. With all of this buzz surrounding the device, many investors are wondering how they can get involved in this before it reaches the levels of popularity that Rossi projects.

At least for now, Rossi has not allowed any of his partner companies nor his main one to allow investors to buy shares of any kind in the business. There is some speculation that the reason that he has done this is because he wants to make sure that the device is proven to work and proven to be successful. He wants there to be no doubt in the minds of potential investors because in the end, this will increase value to massive proportions once the scientific world accepts his device. Unfortunately, despite his best intentions, anyone with the desire to invest now will have to wait until he allows others to invest. There are other ways to get involved in cold fusion investments though.

Francesco Piantelli, a colleague and occasional collaborator of Rossi has been working on a device that is related to cold fusion in a way, and he has apparently seen great results. Still much is unknown about what he is working on, but it involves cold fusion, and shows enough promise that he has decided to form a company dedicated to studying that particular method of alternative energy. It is possible that once his company is formed and fully grounded, unlike Rossi, he will accept investors. If you believe that cold fusion has the potential to change the climate of the scientific world for the better, then you may be able to invest in Piantelli’s brand of science when he is ready. Another way to indirectly profit off the success of cold fusion is to invest in nickel. Because Rossi’s E-cat uses nickel as one of the primary reactants, if the Rossi E-Cat does take off in popularity, the nickel usage around the nation will spike, causing a massive increase in the value of nickel, and thus, the value of your stock. While you may not be able to invest in Rossi’s project directly, these are just a few ways you can still make money off of the development of cold fusion.

Cold Fusion Funds and Money

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